Lifshitz College Marks its 90 Anniversary

In 5681 (1921) "Mizrachi" Teachers' Training College was established in Jerusalem by Rabbi Moshe Ostrovsky-Hame'iri and Eliezer Meir Lifshiz.

"Mizrachi" Teachers' Training College was the first teachers' training college for national religious teachers in the Land of Israel. After Eliezer Meir Lifshitz passed away in 1946 the college was renamed "The Eliezer Meir Lifshitz Teacher Training College". Following the Ministry of Education's decision to grant academic status to teachers' training colleges our college was recognized as an institution of higher learning awarding the degree of B.Ed (bachelor of education) to its graduates under the name "The Lifshitz Academic Religious Teachers' College", or in short: "The Lifshitz College of Education. In 2010 Lifshitz College was authorized to grant M.Ed. (master in education) degree to its students.

During the course of 90 years of teachers' training (1921-2011) thousands of students studied in our institution in a variety of fields of study: Bible, Oral Law, alongside Science, Geography, Mathematics and Computer Science. Thousands of graduates fulfilled thus the vision of Lifshitz's founding fathers to combine the sacred with the secular. Today Lifshitz's graduates are found in all areas of endeavor in Israel: Education, Yeshiva world, universities, law, medicine a science, technology and defense. 

The event took place on Tuesday 21 Ellul 5771, (Septmber 20th, 2011) at the Sherover Hall in the Jerusalem Theater.